Evan’s Team Trauma Run: Online Registration Ends this Friday!

Trauma Run this Sunday September 23rd.
It’s a 5k obstacle course that is designed for non-athletes and fierce competitors alike. This is either a lot of laughs or a great workout OR BOTH – but there is something for everyone. Check out last year’s race pictures.  Friday is the last day to register online.  It’s time to register now! (Walk in registration will be available, but we cannot guarantee desired or 9:30 Evan’s Team wave time).

Click here to register

*BBQ at the Lieberman’s house after the event. Also, while you are on the website – on our Homepage you can view plans for the new Family Waiting Area at Westchester Medical Center I.C.U.

What is Evan’s Team?

Evan’s team is a group effort committed to helping the community. There are times we need to raise awareness or times we need to raise funds. But either way, we all enjoy working together and making something good happen.

Our team continues to challenge ourselves with events that are fun in participation, but also very relevant in accomplishing ambitious goals.

Our first project is aimed at helping trauma patients and families at the Westchester Medical Center by aiding in a much needed remodeling of the family area. On a daily basis, helicopters efficiently medevac patients from all over New York State for what will inevitably be an extended stay for that patient. Effectively treating a trauma victim also includes aid to family members who have been surprised by a loved-one’s injury and need to be educated on life-sustaining decisions. However, the current waiting-area leaves a lot of room for improvement as the family members are hunkering in for a long stay as well. Our idea is to create a block of rooms where those families can rest comfortably when possible and doctors can consult privately. Want to join our team?  Click Here to Learn More about Evan’s Team

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