Chappaqua’s Thoughtful ‘Robochaps’ Move into Semi Finals!

Our Robochaps Team (L-R): Coach Ajay Dhanawade, Neel Roy (5th grade), Arnav Roy (7th grade), Aniruddh Dhanawade (7th grade), Rohan Malik (6th grade), Ellie Slive (6th grade), Jordan Zeiger (6th grade), Benjamin Millerman (5th grade), Daniel Stankiewicz(6th grade), Arjun Dayal (8th grade), Coach Rajeev Malik

An ‘Animal Allies’ Topic for the Group’s Robotic Project Work Brings the Team Closer to the Finish Line

Editor’s Note:  Congratulations to the amazing Chappaqua ‘Robochaps’ for their robotics projects and a recent exciting tournament win that moves them into a semi-final competition!  Here, a note from the participants to Inside Chappaqua:

“We are a group of 5th to 8th graders from Chappaqua, NY who are participating in the FLL. The FLL or First Lego League is an organization where kids from 4th to 8th grade build robots and projects based on a particular topic. This year’s topic is ‘Animal Allies’ (see link below to read more about the project) where we have to find a way to help animals and humans coexist peacefully. We chose coyotes as our project as it is local and affects our residents. Our team won the Sleepy Hollow tournament championship and are moving on to the semifinal with other Hudson Valley FLL teams.”

Animal Allies Brochure 


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