Yes, They CAN!

By David Streich

WeeZee World members and friends shake their collective booties at their first ever ‘Kisco Disco Family Dance Party,” on a touch sensitive, Cyber-Action floor.

Simply put, “WeeZee…World of ‘Yes I Can’” is one of the most amazing places in all of Westchester, if not the Hudson Valley. I stumbled upon this unique health club for kids purely by accident, and it has changed my children’s lives. I am so happy that my two sons (10 and 4) are members of this gym, and they are proud to be a part of something truly magical.

One day at Chappaqua Crossing (the former Reader’s Digest building), I saw a sign that read “The World of ‘Yes, I Can!’” and was struck by this positive message in our usually cynical world. I had to find out what it was about, because I too was jaded and couldn’t believe it. Within 30 seconds of a personal tour by Ms. WeeZee herself, Louise Weadock, RN, MPH, Founder/CEO, I understood exactly what she and this World was all about. It was the Main Street USA for kids, which is missing from suburban children’s lives today. It’s a place where they can meet, laugh, play, sing, explore, learn, cook, create, do homework, keep fit and make friends in a safe environment that they can call their OWN.

WeeZee World is 16,000 square feet of adventure, with exciting equipment every direction you look. There’s a mechanical bull on one side, and a surfboard in a half-pipe on the other. In between is an indoor tree with hanging tire swings. There’s trampoline basketball, hand-eye reflex challenges, rock-climbing wall, sports simulators, punching bags, pirate ship jungle gym and even an indoor rain room.

There are areas that exercise the mind as well as the body. Brain Games is a room that is stocked with all the technology kids use in school. Kelly Harned, WeeZee’s Operations Director says, “It’s our job to send kids to school feeling on top of their game!” The ‘GalaxZee Room’ is like a mad scientists’ laboratory, with black light, fiber optics and color-changing LED ball pits. It’s like living inside a Lava Lamp. There are rooms to cook up crazy cupcakes, create a masterpiece of pottery art, and my favorite, The Groove Grove music room, with keyboards, electric guitars, drums and karaoke studio where kids can record their own MP3s.

All of these activities are supervised by youthful professional coaches who give personal attention to each child. My 4-year-old son even asked me to leave the two of them alone in the GalaxZee Room. Luckily, I had my own place to go: The parents-only Zen Den, a quiet room with massage chairs, soft music and Wi-Fi. While my kids socialized with their peers, I got to socialize with other like-minded parents.

WeeZee is always adding, changing and growing with new instruments and programs of fun. They just installed a zip line, and all of a sudden, the “villages” hallway turned into a bowling alley with oversized inflatable pins and a huge balloon ball. It’s the kind of place which makes you wonder “what will they think of next?” Liz Crecco, Executive Director of Project Development says, “We listen to our Community… and respond! Families wanted a Summer Camp, After School Zone, Birthday Parties, a place for their Bar Mitzvahs and we’ve delivered.”

The WeeZee team is always looking to reach out and connect with the Westchester community. If anyone is looking to volunteer time to work with children, whether as a Mitzvah project or group-sponsored community service, or if there are any skilled seniors who want to share their expertise and passions, this is a perfect place for you to get involved. It is a membership-based club, similar to a gym or a health club for kids from 12 months to 12 years–geared towards families.. The price is based on how many children will be members, and parents not only get to play free, they are encouraged to do so. There are several different levels of membership, ranging from a ten-pack of passes to unlimited monthly visits to the ability to drop off your children for up to three hours each day.

In this day and age, it is so valuable to have an amazing place like WeeZee for you to count on, each day from 9 a.m.-9 p.m., so you can run your own errands in peace, or have a nice evening home alone with your spouse. If you never thought you were able to have time alone again, I have news for you: “Yes, You Can!” For more information, visit

David Streich is a Creative Director in New York City. He is the proud father of two elementary students at Mount Kisco Elementary School. His favorite room at WeeZee World is the Galaxzee Room.

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