What Now?

By Laura Campbell

So, you’re suddenly single. After years, possibly decades, of sharing your life with someone you once loved, you now find yourself starting over; moving from married life to a divorced lifestyle.

Having been there myself, I fully recognize the fear and discomfort that comes with picking up the pieces after divorce and beginning to create your new life. You may feel the impulse to jump back into dating and embark on a new relationship right away, but this often leads to even greater pain and loss. Rather, this is a time to regroup and renew and set a strong foundation for what comes next. To move forward after divorce, consider the following:

•The Art of Extreme Self Care.
Divorce can be exhausting and deplete you of energy. Take time as you move through the transition to take care of your mind, body and soul. Each and every day should include at least one activity, such as meditating or getting a massage, that nurtures you and makes you feel good and healthy.

•Connecting to others with a Shared Experience.
Nothing’s more powerful than connecting to others who have shared a common experience. Now that you will be living a divorced, single lifestyle, welcome new friends into your world who are also living this lifestyle. It doesn’t mean letting go of your closest or married friends, but your life is different, as are your needs; it’s critical to have a social circle in alignment with the design of your new life. Surround yourself with people who are empowering and inspiring, and focus on what will be rather than what was.

•Putting Your Passions and Interests into Action.
You will want your new life to be built on what you consider fun and exciting! Perhaps you’ve always loved to ski, but while married, you didn’t have the chance because your spouse didn’t embrace your beloved sport. Now’s the perfect time to bring skiing back into your life. Integrating the activities and interests that you’re most passionate about into your life ensures you design a new life full of passion and purpose. (P.S. you also never know who you might meet when doing the things you love most!)

The ending of a relationship or a divorce will become a catalyst for massive transformation and growth, if you embrace the change. These three tips will allow you to manage this transition with grace, confidence and control. Where divorce ends, your destiny begins. Let your journey begin today.

Laura, CEO of The D Spot, www.discoverthedspot.com/blog, an Extraordinary Love Strategist and Divorce Expert, works exclusively with extraordinary women to find extraordinary love.

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