Tips for You Newly Single Gents

By Ann Lindsay

No matter what your age, income, hair line or stage in life, if you are newly single, there are plenty of women out there looking for you! Most of them are pretty, smart, and successful in their own right and would make a great partner. However, there may be a bit of “spring cleaning” you need to do to catch the attention of the very best ones, and ensure that you look as reciprocally attractive as the gal you would like to meet.

What’s your physical state? Is it time to employ a work-out regimen, or are you lean and mean? There are magnitudes of men who lament letting their heart or blood pressure health slip and now are on medication that severely limits their sexual activity. You are most attractive to any woman when you are healthy and (if possible) medication free. Even if that means a few less steaks, eggs and martinis. Your life (style) will thank you for it!

How do you keep yourself? Regardless of what nature handed out are you well groomed? Shaved closely, hair trimmed into a good cut, two individual eyebrows, good teeth, clean cared for nails (toes too guys–at least for those of you who don’t want to be celebate!), and a fresh, clean scent.

What do you have on? She is going to make a judgment about who you are based on what you are wearing. Show up in baggy “dad” jeans and a Redsox hoodie and you’ve made a statement about your sense of style (and how much you care). Show up on a Saturday night in a three piece suit and you’re clearly trying too hard. Most men do not have a solid “social” wardrobe. Yes, there is a world of attire that lives between the office and the sofa! Don’t forget the details, a good watch and great shoes.

Where did you suggest to meet? Let’s start off on a better note than a coffee date. There is something considerably sexier to an intimate chat over a glass of wine perched on two bar stools. Choose a place that is quieter however, a larger restaurant bar, or better yet a good sized hotel bar.

What did you talk about? There is a vicious circle of missed conversation cues you need to know about. Women are socially trained to not let “empty space” or gaps in the conversation occur, and they will ask open ended questions to get you to fill them. Men oblige, and end up talking the entire time about themselves. At the end of the date they have learned nothing to spark their interest about the woman, and the women considers him a bore for talking about himself the whole time! She will appreciate you taking the lead on this and viewing your conversation like a tennis match: she asks a question, you answer it and bat the question ball back to her–back and forth.

On the date, be yourself, add some humor, and definitely toss a few compliments her way. And when it’s over, take a moment to ask yourself what felt right, or wrong about the encounter. Enjoy yourself more and more as you get back into the dating world, and as we ladies pick up on your positive energy, we’ll be enjoying you right back!

Ann Lindsay of Style of Success Image Consulting for men works to increase your social confidence and charisma as supported by your appearance. Go to or call 1-800-798-1643 to find out how she can give you a significant dating advantage.

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