Kris Ruby’s Formula for Success

By Vicki de Vries

Since Kris Ruby’s three-year-old company, Ruby Media Group, walked away with a head-swelling array of Big W awards–34 to be exact –from the Advertising Club of Westchester on June 6th, Inside Chappaqua decided to give our readers a closer look at Kris and her formula for success.

Photo by Jim D’Angelo

IC: Congratulations on the jaw-dropping number of awards your company won, Kris, but what exactly does Ruby Media Group do?

Kris: We provide integrated public relations and social media strategies for clients. Basically, RMG is the digital agency of the future in Westchester County.

IC: What does that entail?

Kris: We create public relations campaigns that leverage social media to gain the most buzz for our clients.

IC: What social media does RMG use?

Kris: Whatever is appropriate for the particular client: Facebook fan pages, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs.

IC: Would you share some top pointers about social media that you think every client needs to know?

Kris: If I boiled them down to, say, four, they would be: create an open dialogue, keep an editorial calendar for content, create a comprehensive social media strategy, and leverage stunning visual images to show a client’s story, rather than simply telling it through words.

IC: What motivated you to start Ruby Media Group?

Kris: When my older brother, Brian, was selected as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs under 25 by Business Week around three years ago, I helped him with the public relations aspects of his business, including his pitch and bio. That’s when I decided to start a public relations company.

So, in 2009, after graduating with a degree in public relations from Boston University and having done an internship at PBS and 13 internships throughout college, I launched Ruby Media Group.

IC: That’s exciting, Kris. What kinds of projects have brought you the most satisfaction?

Kris: I feel honored to work with some of the brightest people in their respective industries! I love to connect clients with the proper media outlets to share their messages to a broader audience.

IC: For example?

Kris: One project involved helping to connect a dentist who works with hearing impaired patients to appropriate media outlets. This project showed off the amazing work of my client.

IC: RMG also won a Gold Award for that project, didn’t it? Besides helping great clients, what else gives you satisfaction, especially as an entrepreneur?

Kris: I’ve been fortunate to have assembled a truly great creative team. In fact, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Of course, I also work with outstanding website designers and strategic management consultants!

IC: But how did your team manage to garner 34 awards at the Advertising Club’s BIG W Gala? That’s 7 Gold, 11 silver and 15 Bronze in the categories of social media, public relations, promotion and collateral material, corporate design, photography, interactive media, pro bono and video! Quite an achievement.

Kris: Of course, I’m ecstatic about the awards, but it couldn’t have happened without my wonderful creative team. Everyone has strengths and collaborates in a congenial way, but not everyone knows that one of RMG’s secret weapons is our Creative Director, Jim D’Angelo, who won 9 of the awards, including a Gold Award.

2012 Ad Club Superstar Kid Kris Ruby with her “secret weapon”– award winning photographer Jim D’Angelo, who also shot our firefighter cover story.

IC: Please tell us a little more about Jim.

Kris: Jim’s forte is lighting. When I first saw some of his projects, I knew he would be the perfect person to spearhead RMG’s new photography and advertising division. Jim’s a lighting genius and has a role in every advertising campaign we do, as well as in all the photo shoots.

Clients specifically request to work with him on ad shoots and for events because they know his photography will enhance their brand.

Vicki de Vries is a freelance writer/editor living in Westchester County.

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