How to Choose a Reliable and Cost-Effective Heat & Air Service!

Wondering how to choose a reliable and cost effective Heating and Air Conditioning Service, and what cost increasing mistakes you should avoid at home?  We asked Anthony Marmo, owner of Clover Comfort, a 31-year-old, family run business in Sleepy Hollow, NY, about what can make the difference between SUPERIOR SERVICE or an average or downright bad service, and about the common errors homeowners make that drive up their heating bills.  — Grace Bennett

Manny, a 25-year employee at Clover Comfort in Sleepy Hollow, New York

What to Consider in Choosing a Service:

  • Easy access to the owner. Can you speak to who is in charge easily? 
  • 24-hour service. An emergency needs to be addressed right away.
  • Proper licensing, certifications and accreditation.In Westchester County, for HVAC companies, there is a Westchester Home Improvement license; any service you choose should be licensed through the county for home improvement and also licensed in plumbing. Many heating systems are fired by natural gas and do require a licensed plumber to work on them.

Mistakes that Drive up your Bill:

  • Purchasing a new Energy Star refrigerator and moving the old one to the basement or garage (and plugging it in to store the extra food for a party) will effectively double your utility costs, especially those old avocado or mustard colored ones we grew up with in our parents’ house! “Get rid of it,” advises Marmo, “and purchase a smaller compact Energy Star labeled refrigerator and plug it in as needed. “
  • There are several building construction design/installation faults that cause “Heat Bleed” and these can have a negative effect on home or commercial business heating & cooling utility costs. Most buildings have connections to unconditioned space, for example: roof-ceiling combinations, such as cathedral ceilings, finished dormered attics, cantilevered space or bonus rooms. Also, dropped ceilings, ventilated attics, basements and crawl spaces are a big connection to the outdoors.

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