How Small Purchases Help Fight Global Poverty


By Dawn Greenberg

When I opened Aurora in May ’11, my hope was to bring attention to fair trade and to the impact that even small purchases can make in the fight against global poverty.  Fair trade essentially means that the producers and artists are paid a living wage in good conditions (no factories, no child labor).  For example, a wool purse bought in downtown Chappaqua, can help a woman feed her children this week in Peru.

We sell goods from over 32 countries.  In one year, we have been able to make a big impact, especially when you consider that $1500 of fair trade retail purchases translates to a woman being able to feed, clothe and shelter her children for one year.  I want our customers to enjoy their purchases and to be proud of the effect they are having.
While I want to bring global goods into Chappaqua, I want our customers–and especially their children–to understand that we are global citizens and that we should cast our minds and hearts out into the world.  We all know that Chappaqua can feel very insulated.

I think one of our biggest aims should be to make sure that we and our children learn about, explore and ultimately contribute to different areas in need, whether down the road or 3000 miles across the globe.

Chappaqua mom Dawn Greenberg is the owner of 
Aurora on lower King Street.

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