Tips for Women Traveling Solo

By Miriam Longobardi Have you ever wanted to get on a plane and leave the country to have an adventure by yourself? If the idea feels simultaneously appealing yet overwhelming, allow me to break it down into a manageable plan. I have taken … [Read more...]

Home Alone for the Holidays? How To Embrace the Time

By Miriam Longobardi Many people experience the holidays alone, and that’s true, whether or not the choice is your own. Perhaps your grown child is spending the holidays with the in-laws or you’re newly separated or divorced and your children will … [Read more...]

Self Exploration

By Grace Bennett Not too long ago, my Self surrendered under extreme duress to enemy forces. Sadly, she is still being held hostage by said forces intent on replaying, reliving, retelling.  Re...diculous! Fortunately, positive internal … [Read more...]

What Have You Done For You, Lately?

Are you in a holding pattern caused by loneliness? Anyone can experience the painful awareness of not connecting with others–married or single.  Strong, competent women rationalize being treated poorly by awful men to avoid loneliness. Others in … [Read more...]

What Now?

By Laura Campbell So, you’re suddenly single. After years, possibly decades, of sharing your life with someone you once loved, you now find yourself starting over; moving from married life to a divorced lifestyle. Having been there myself, … [Read more...]

“Life is a Date”

A book excerpt from: How to Have A Match Made in Heaven: A Transformational Approach to Dating, Relating and Marriage (ASK Productions, Inc., 2012) By Ariel and Shya Kane If you’re dating or contemplating dating again, you may be reading this with … [Read more...]

Every Day is Mother’s Day

By Miriam Longobardi Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors and celebrates the joy of motherhood and yet most mothers I know experience all the triumphs and celebrations of our children, the large and the small, every day. As a single mom I get to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tools to Survive Single Parenting in Westchester

By Miriam Longobardi Photo by Amy Kerwin If you’re a single parent, and let’s make the distinction between single parent and co-parent, the latter being the lucky group that gets every other weekend and/or additional weeknight entirely to … [Read more...]

Nightlife with a Different Beat

Where to Find Great Music, Make New Friends and Maybe Even a Romantic Connection By Miriam Longobardi • Photo by Amy Kerwin Let’s face it– if you’re single and over 35 in Westchester, your nightlife options fall into a narrow band of choices. … [Read more...]

Tips for You Newly Single Gents

By Ann Lindsay No matter what your age, income, hair line or stage in life, if you are newly single, there are plenty of women out there looking for you! Most of them are pretty, smart, and successful in their own right and would make a great … [Read more...]