I Love a Parade

(As seen in Inside Chappaqua) By Maggie Mae...with Ronni Diamondstein One of my favorite activities is the annual Memorial Day Parade down King Street and South Greeley Avenue. I have been going to the parade since I was a puppy. Lots of … [Read more...]

A Stroll Around Armonk

(As seen in Inside Armonk) By Maggie Mae with Ronni Diamondstein I’m a dog--a very special dog. I’m a six-year-old, black-and-white, Toy Parti Poodle.  My name is Maggie Mae, and some of you may know me because I am the Inside Chappaqua Roving … [Read more...]

Where Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone?

What to Do if your dog is Lost By Maggie Mae...with Ronni Diamondstein I have to say I am a pretty good dog and always stay close to my owner. But to tell you the truth if I saw a squirrel and was off my leash I would chase it forever. I am always … [Read more...]

Shopping with your Dog

I love to be with my owner, and when she takes me along with her to shop, I couldn’t be happier. I have been tagging along with her since I was a puppy, because our trainer said I needed to be socialized. This meant I got to meet a lot of people, and … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Things

By Maggie Mae...with Ronni Diamondstein There’s nothing I like to do more than sleep, eat and cuddle with my owner except play.  I am  not fussy about my playthings. I love socks and tags and rags so I don’t need fancy toys but I do like … [Read more...]

Bringing Home Baby

By Maggie Mae...with Ronni Diamondstein My friend Riley, a Staffordshire Terrier, always walked with his owners Alysa and Bryan Paul. Then one day last summer Riley and the Pauls started walking with a stroller and a little baby named Mason. This … [Read more...]

Help the Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry, Inc.

Maggie Mae’s Must Do: Food Pantries are not just for people. Many people who need food also need food for their pets. The Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry, Inc. was founded in 2010 to help them. The Pantry provides free pet food to people who … [Read more...]

Reading has Gone to the Dogs

By Maggie Mae...with Ronni Diamondstein Since I was a puppy I have heard people say to my owner, “Maggie should be a therapy dog.” Because I am small, calm, very gentle with children and a hypoallergenic poodle they thought that would be a … [Read more...]

Keeping Summer Safe and Fun for Your Dog

As the weather gets warmer I notice that my routine changes. I take my long walks in the early morning and my owner carries my water bottle with her whether we walk into town or go in the car. In summer the scorching pavement sometimes makes my paws … [Read more...]

Giving Greyhound Racers a Second Chance

By Maggie Mae...with Ronni Diamondstein One day I was talking about my job as a journalist to my friend Jester, who is a Greyhound, and he told me that he once had a job too. “When I was young I was a racing dog and now I am retired,” he said. … [Read more...]