Get On Your Feet! Pantsuit Flash Mob Takes Chappaqua — And The “Movement” Continues

When Katonah resident Maria Colaco saw Dawn Greenberg’s Chappaqua Friends of Hill & Tim Facebook post suggesting an Election Day flash mob honoring the hometown nominee by wearing her attire of choice, she jumped at the chance to organize and … [Read more...]

Teach Your Children Well

No doubt about it, the tough job of responsible parenting was made all the more daunting recently as many here in Hillary Clinton’s hometown grappled with the shock of an unexpected election outcome. Our nation voted in a way that surprised most … [Read more...]

A Thank-you to Hillary Clinton for Fighting for Our Future & Giving Us Hope

Viewpoint from our Author Reflects on Many a Millennial's Hope for America The past year has been long, exhausting, dispiriting, and difficult. Women and minorities have repeatedly felt victimized and attacked in ways that most of us thought--at … [Read more...]

Election Watch Party at Kittle House

With hopes high for the best possible outcome: About 300 Hillary supporters attended an Election Watch party at Crabtree’s Kittle House organized by Chappaqua Friends of Hillary. The Kittle House is frequently the setting for Hillary Clinton’s TV … [Read more...]

‘We Will Go Forward Together’

Concert goers came from near and far the night before Election Day; the all-star lineup in Philadelphia at a GOTV Rally for Hillary Clinton may have been impossible to resist. Rock star icons Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi entertained the crowd … [Read more...]

Because All of Us Should Vote

By Alina According to The American Presidency Project, only 54.87% of eligible voters placed a vote in the 2012 presidential campaign. Many Americans today are not voting, but here’s why each of us should. The United States is a democracy, which … [Read more...]

Clinton vs. Trump: The Race to the White House

By Amber Mildenhall  Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, it’s a race to the White House. Both are leading the course by becoming their parties’ representatives. In addition to the obvious difference, namely the political parties they support (Hillary … [Read more...]

If our Neighbor Becomes President: The Impact on the Earth

By Reilly I’ve never been one for politics. I don’t like the divisions it instills, the animosity it provokes, or the assertive natures of the politically-savvy. However, I find myself wanting to care more and more about politicians’ stances as … [Read more...]

Working Towards Ending Prejudice in Politics

By Katie When I was less than a year old, my mom thrust me into Hillary Clinton’s arms so that if she ever became president, I would have been held by the first woman president of the United States. Compared to other countries, we are far behind … [Read more...]

Why Her Gender Matters (And Why It Doesn’t)

By Anabelle We are fortunate to live in a time when young girls are taught to be more than wives. Slowly, because it is a big undertaking to completely overturn the idea that women are inherently less valuable than their male counterparts, women … [Read more...]