My Get Fit Journey

In time for our ‘Gratitude’ edition, I’d like to mention a journey I’m on at the Saw Mill Club in Mount Kisco. I announced on Facebook recently that I’d gained a lot of weight over the last year. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to work out … [Read more...]

Carefree in Paris

By Grace Bennett Paris is personal for me. It holds some special memories. It’s where my ex-husband and I spent our honeymoon. But that’s not my subject here. Summer of ‘77...I’m 17 ½  following a freshman year at Boston University and … [Read more...]

So Entirely Natural

Forgive me but I’m going to state the obvious: the same roads that divide us bring us together. Our communities are so close by that it’s no surprise that the synergy between us feels so entirely natural. That is, in fact, a point that our Executive … [Read more...]

Unconventional Publishing

It’s always nice to hit a milestone, and this edition of Inside Armonk is certainly a mini one. You are holding the grand finale edition of our “first three” debut editions of a “free,” merchant supported pub. This new launch, I hope, successfully … [Read more...]

Synergy Between our Towns

Ok, I admit it. As a Chappaquan, I’ve been a little envious of your new, cool and swanky Square* anchored by such a great Supermarket and hopping restaurants too. What a boon to the community! However, plenty of folks here wouldn’t change a hair on … [Read more...]