WWII Veteran Helps Civil War Vets Gain Recognition

For perhaps more than 100 years, Civil War veterans William Freeland and Albert Ransom were buried in anonymity, their tombstones in the cemetery of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Armonk either damaged and unreadable or, in Ransom’s case, missing … [Read more...]

Trump Wins, Locals React

If there was one common theme among Armonk residents and locals Wednesday, after Donald Trump’s election night win over Chappaqua’s Hillary Clinton, it was shock. Speaking to Inside Press the day after the election at Tazza Café in the hamlet, here … [Read more...]

Byram Schools Enter the Future

The future is looking bright for members of the Byram Hills School District. The District’s Building Technology Coordinators (Rekha Singh, Al Lovelace, Dawn Seines, and Joanna Nash), along with Byram Hills Director of Technology Dr. Andrew Taylor, … [Read more...]

Human Rights Conference Teaches Middle Schoolers: How to Become an Upstander

“Betsy Costner” sings a spiritual hymn about freedom as she walks out into the audience of seventh grade students from all corners of Westchester in the auditorium of the Yonkers Riverfront Public Library. Dressed in slave garb, Sheila Arnold who … [Read more...]

Caring for Caregivers

In 2002, Marian Hamilton, a guidebook writer, community volunteer, and mother of two teenage daughters, took on a new role. Her husband, Ken Hamilton, was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a fatal form of cancer, and she became his primary caregiver. … [Read more...]

Armonk House Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

If you’re looking for a place where you can not only listen to live music, but also get up and dance, then check out Armonk House. The bar and restaurant has live music most Friday and Saturday nights, and DJ’s on Thursdays. Owner Connie … [Read more...]

North Castle Historical Society Preserves Town’s Past (and its buildings)

Today, North Castle’s historic buildings on Bedford Road in Armonk look tranquil, with the small schoolhouse and blacksmith shop serving as charming reminders of a simpler time. Two hundred and forty years ago, though, the site was a training ground … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Armonk

North Castle “and beyond” can easily boast more than its fair share of natural beauty in Westchester County. As you embark on fall foliage drives, you won’t have to travel very far to be dazzled by the colors arriving this season. While photos were … [Read more...]

Meet the Chamber’s Stacy Wilder

Please tell us about yourself. How long have you lived in Armonk? STACY: I moved to Armonk in 1994 with my husband, Allen Blum, and our two young children, Jeremy (now 26) and David (now 23). When did you decide to get involved with the Chamber? … [Read more...]

Cemetery Tour Brings Civil War Veterans to Life

A piece of Armonk’s history will come to life this November. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church will take visitors back 175 years in time, as the church, which dates back to 1842, holds a dramatized tour of its historic cemetery.  The tour, which will be … [Read more...]