Nine Ways Chappaqua Might Change as a Two-President Town

The excitement in Chappaqua has been building for months ever since one of our most famous residents, Hillary Rodham Clinton, announced her candidacy for President. No matter how you cast your vote this November, it is undeniable that our small … [Read more...]

DNC: A Magic Kingdom in the Heart of Philadelphia

By Susan Youngwood Attending the Democratic National Convention reminded me of my trips to Disney World. The choices were dizzying. Instead of deciding among different amusement rides, I had to choose which events to attend. The Women’s Caucus … [Read more...]

DNC: The Capacity to Love

By Grace Bennett As the publisher of a hometown magazine for Hillary Clinton, and a life-long Democrat, I was proud to attend the Democratic National Convention as press. I was as excited as any friend, family or delegate visitor to Philly’s Wells … [Read more...]

The Art of Winning Hearts and Minds for Hillary

Executive Women for Hillary Emphasizes "Curious, Creative and Collaborative" Listening By Susan Youngwood About 40 women crammed into the living room of a townhouse in Philadelphia last week, taking up every imaginable seating and floor space. … [Read more...]

“Results Oriented” Chappaqua Friends of Hill and Tim

Joy-Filled Members Celebrate Hillary Clinton's Historic Nomination By Susan Youngwood It started with a single Facebook post, on April 12, 2015, the day Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president of the United States. Dawn Evans … [Read more...]

Newtown Film Captures Community Pain — and Resilience

By Grace Bennett Philadelphia, July 27 -- When a parent who lost a child to the Sandy Hook massacre speaks of the need for us all to move forward, it is impossible not to feel your own resolve turn to steel. The Bardens lost their six year old … [Read more...]

Roll Call for Hillary’s Nomination: A Moving Experience

By Susan Youngwood When Jerry Emmett, age 102, took the microphone during the roll call and announced that Arizona cast “51 votes for the next president of the United States of America, Hillary Rodham Clinton," the crowd cheered and waved signs. … [Read more...]

Nuns on the Bus Generate Discussions at DNC

By Susan Youngwood For the last three weeks, 20 nuns have been criss-crossing the country listening to people talk about the issues that concern them the most. After traveling 2,400 miles and visiting 23 cities in 13 states, the nuns arrived in … [Read more...]

Young Democrats Working to Get Out the Millennial Vote

"It shows that young people should have a seat at the table." Stephanie Hausner By Susan Youngwood Stephanie Hausner of New City, NY, was inspired to run for office partly thanks to the Young Democrats of America, an organization she joined … [Read more...]

Gender Equity Focus of Young New York Delegate

By Susan Youngwood Philadelphia, PA -- Meet one of the youngest delegates to support Hillary Clinton. Aleatha Williams, 25, may be young but she’s an old hand at politics. She first campaigned for Clinton as a high school student, in 2008. She … [Read more...]