“A Bit of Brazil” with Edna Lima at Dance Emotions


Edna Lima

Chappaqua families are fortunate to have the leading international champion in residence teaching adults and children of all ages, including special needs children and handicapped children.  For Ms Lima, a world reknowned Capoeira Champion, the  artful dance encompasses graceful physical movements including rhythmic power kicks. Capoeira stands for the freedom born from enslaved Africans in Brazil and Ms. Lima is one of only two female masters in the world. Call Dance Emotions at 238-8974 for her class schedules.


Gem Duras

Also: Argentine Tango Classes!
Tuesdays, 8 p.m.–10 p.m.
Learn the authentic way of dancing tango as it is done in Buenos Aires. Each class features the fundamentals, various strength and flexibility exercises as well as a fun step with correct styling.  Accompanied by music from the dance halls of Argentina, capture the passion and emotional essence that the Tango is famous for. Singles are welcome too!

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